I keep a Dream Log

I keep this log in the hope that I may make sense of all this at a later date.

“In college, on way to wedding design class, French – British war about to break out. Bringing two friends to class to hide from war.┬áStop at on campus motel 6 to pick up one friends bag. There is a raccoon in the room. Friend and managers do to get bag/catch raccoon. Friend calls raccoon her niece. Tell them to hurry, class starts in a second.

Climbing Texas hill at night, escalator tube, required glow in the dark luggage.

War strawberries are an annoyance.

Eyeliner you can log into and use across state lines.

Giant motor home thing with trees, expanding foam doll landscape.

Dozers were evil-stupid and were going to kill someone over onion rings and a painting. I stole the painting so she wouldn’t die.

Giant bag of coffee from Costco was spilling all over the office. Trying to get it into bags to save it.

Johnny Depp is the evil overlord to the world and keeps messing with my reality in order to prove his powers. I go to Tom Hanks for help but he tricks me and is in league with evil Depp. Fucking tiny round glasses.

There is a waffle on his cheese house.

Creepy red headed dolls stacked in the shower, smiling at me. When I look away, one will always fall down. Shove them into the shower and slam the door.

Ripping the wings of dragon costume.

Pool in the middle of the god dammed road. Where it looks like an Aztec temple. Gah, pool is under construction. I am shocked by exposed wires. Ow.

Tiny yellow dragons that get stuck on your shirt.

Group public dance website themed restaurant. Food sucks, too expensive. Leg growing from my chest. Trying to remember David’s phone number, only remembering phone number from blind girl movie.

Jake Peavy and Vanilla Ice are the same person.

The one where I married Ed Harris.”

Hello, I am Pink Tom Cruise.

Hello, I am Pink Tom Cruise.