These Dreams are Made of Bees

Friend has huge feather in her hair. At party. Smurf was there. Riding recumbent bike. What street to take? This is a musical.

Big downhill slide to get to downhill tram.

Tell Sandra Bullock that she is a real asshole.

Really steep staircase made of couch cushions. Almost fall off and die. Not great design.

Try to walk outside bbq restaurant food court, leads to long pitch black slide tube then opens to a neighborhood with a ball pit in the middle. Mad that most of the ball pit is fake. Only the part you initially land on is real. We realize we’re trapped, try to escape. Giant remote controlled sports car. It’s green.

Featherless turkeys everywhere. I run at them screaming to escape. I just want to eat my cheesecake.

Conan O’Brien performing his new song, “killing it on the dance floor.” It is about Warcraft.

Rather large bee rises from the dead. It is the size of a mouse.

Ordering full volume of Lifetime Television picture books, starting with Unauthorized Melrose Place.

Haunted toilet.

Evidence bottle not marked. Give to Perry Mason, who immediately wheels into a huge pit to protect it. He dies.

I have a small hat. You can’t see it. It is a hat on a molecular level.